Whanau Harakeke Relationship and Sexuality Education Programme

In Term 4, students from Whanau Harakeke will be participating in lessons from our relationship and sexuality education programme. The programme is guided by The New Zealand Curriculum requirements:

“Relationship and sexuality education is one of seven key areas of learning in the health and physical education learning area of the New Zealand Curriculum. It must be included in teaching programmes at both primary and secondary school levels, using strands and achievement objectives outlined in the curriculum.”
-Ministry of Education (Te Kete Ipurangi)

Good quality sexuality education:

  • promotes students’ overall wellbeing
  • increases students’ ability to make good decisions about their health
  • helps students think critically and act fairly towards others
  • helps students thrive and become confident and actively involved life-long learners.
    ERO, 2018

Woodlands Park School will implement Health Education based on the New Zealand Curriculum and in keeping with the school’s values, the key competencies, our School Charter and our School Vision -” Inclusive, Courageous and Successful.”

We will be using lessons from the updated programme, ‘Navigating the Journey’.

The theme we will be following for Term 4 is “Growing and changing – Te tipu me te huri o te tangata”

By the end of this unit the students will be able to:

  • Name the reproductive body parts for males and females, and understand their function
  • Understand why and how our bodies physically change during puberty
  • Identify ways we can look after our personal hygiene and the importance of doing so

The lessons in which they will be developing this knowledge and understandings are:

  1. Establishing a positive learning environment
  2. Stages of life
  3. Pubertal changes
  4. The human reproductive system
  5. Menstruation and conception
  6. Looking after our bodies
  7. What we have learned about growing and changing

You can find these lessons on our school website under the Health and PE tab.

If you do not wish your child to take part in aspects of the programme outlined above, you are required to notify the Principal in writing (i.e. not electronically) as required by education.govt.nz. Please contact your child’s teacher if you require further information.

Ngā mihi nui,
Whānau Harakeke Teachers