Teachers will send out learning experiences through the Seesaw Class app. This is different from the Seesaw Family app.

By now you should have been sent a Home Learning Code. These codes are personal to each child and will allow them to log in to see activities, notices and messages from their teacher. They will also be able to share work they have completed, send photos or videos, and message the teacher directly. Anything shared by your child is only visible to the teacher.

If your home device is an iPad, tablet or phone, download the Seesaw Class app. If your home device is a Chromebook laptop or computer, visit the website app.seesaw.me


How To Access Seesaw

● You can expect your child will have weekly tasks assigned by their classroom teachers which are relevant, engaging and fun. You can expect your child to work in with the family schedule to work through these activities at a pace which is suitable for them.

● Estimated scheduling per day (time doesn’t have to be consecutive)

-Yrs 1&2 – 1 hr max
-Y3&4 – 1.5hrs per max
-Y5&6 – up to 2 hrs max

● You can expect literacy and numeracy learning experiences as well as a component of well being activities which will be related to our Inquiry into Health/Hauora. We will continue with the 4 key understandings which fit beautifully with our current situation. You will see links to Te Whare Tapa Wha -(Taha tinana) physical wellbeing, Taha hinengaro) emotional and mental wellbeing, (Taha whanau) family & social wellbeing and (taha wairua) spiritual well being.

● For the first 8 days, you can expect us to be trialing online connections between your child and your child’s teacher. You can expect advance notice of what to expect with these connections and your class teacher or whanau will be more specific in their communication with you shortly about this.

● You can expect that if your child is struggling in any way that they will be provided support. Please contact your child’s teacher via email.

● You can expect teachers within their whanau to be collaborating and planning together to best meet the needs of all our children.

● You can expect to take a break, not to be hard on yourself and do your best. If it starts going to custard – leave it and pick it up again the following day when you’re ready 🙂


The links below have been setup to support learning at home. We have curated links to resources that we think are highly engaging and relevant to our curriculum. There is a mixture of online and offline activities.

Updates from the Woodlands Park School Library

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WPS Library Wakelet (links and fun activities)