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Helping hands

Hau Ora Wellbeing

Woodlands Park School has a strong interest in ensuring our students and their families have access to services that will support mental wellness. We are passionate about our community being enveloped in the principle of whanaungatanga - which is about having strong and supportive connections and relationships and having a sense of belonging.

Woodlands Park School Helping Hands – Need a hand? Or can you lend a hand?

Woodlands Park School Helping Hands is a volunteer group supporting families experiencing temporary struggles. Our goal is to coordinate practical help and support in a confidential manner to families in the WPS community.

How it works for a family in need
Families in need should contact Karen Ellis – Woodlands Park School Deputy Principal

Karen will talk with you to see what support you need and for how long. All requests are treated confidentially. Our Helping Hands Coordinator will then make arrangements for your family to receive assistance from our volunteer members.

How it works for volunteers
If you can help others as needs arise, please let us know what assistance you might provide by emailing Karen Ellis the following information. Please note that this does not commit you to anything, it just provides us with a community to draw from.
Email Karen at the address above, or write down and give her the following.
Your name
Best contact phone number
Email address (if you have one)
Suburb you live in (to help us target transportation requests appropriately)
What help you would be willing to provide:
For example;
Meals/baking for family
Children's lunches
Care basket donation
Other: let us know


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