Writing at home

Here are some suggestions that engage your child in the writing process:

  • Have your child write instructions for taking care of the family pet.
  • Write a letter or thank you note to a relative or a health worker. Talk through what your child wants to say before writing begins.
  • Make a shopping list before going to the grocery store (no panic buying!).
  • Write a review of a book or an item you recently purchased.
  • Find an interesting picture and write a story about it.
  • Start keeping a personal diary, a household guestbook, or a baby book for a younger sibling.

More fantastic ideas for writing available here (print it out – stick it on the fridge!)

Writing tip: Stay positive! Kids who are worried about spelling every word correctly will often stick to a small group of words they can spell, or may avoid writing altogether.

Help your child get their thoughts together in an organised way. Especially when a child starts writing, he may need help planning out what he wants to say. Use sticky notes to help organise ideas. Put each idea or important word on a note, and lay the notes out on the table for easy  rearranging. This helps with planning and organisation.

If your child avoids writing, use materials and tools that support both the thinking process and the physical act of writing:

  • Use wide lined paper which helps kids line up and space their letters
  • Use a whiteboard, which allows them to easily erase and try again
  • Use a keyboard, which also allows kids to easily edit

Links to support writing at home

Kahn Academy

App – Years 0-4

Completely free app with educational videos and activities for kids aged 2 to 7.

Scholastic Learn at Home

Online – Years 0-3Years 5-6

This free resource provides your children with 20+ days of exciting articles and stories, videos, and fun learning challenges.

My Storybook

Online – All Levels

A fun creative tool for kids who like to write stories. Through the platform, kids get to take a writing lesson and build a virtual story book (with drawings!)

Brave Writer Blog

Online/Printable – All levels.

Writing tips, ideas and resources to support writing at home. Free content available.