School is still open to children of essential workers if there is no adult at home to supervise your child. You must register your child to attend school.

March 1-5, 2021: If your child needs to attend school please fill out this form.

In order to ensure the safety of children and our staff who do come to school, Dr Ashley Bloomfield shared an operational rubric which enforces strict health and safety measures which we are obligated to adhere to:

Learning at school
● Bubbles of up to 20 children with one teacher.
● Siblings will be in the same bubble.
● The teaching / learning programme on offer at school will be planned with the collaboration of their classroom teacher. The bubble teachers will assist students to work their way through the activities.
● For safety reasons, each bubble will be independent of other bubbles for all learning, play and eating.
● Each child will have an allocated workspace and the 1-2m social distancing will apply at all times.

Specific health measures
● If a sick child comes to school, we will unfortunately need to send them home.
● Hand sanitiser will be at the entry to classrooms and in bathrooms.
● Bubbles cannot mix during breaks so will have designated separate areas
● To support contact tracing students should sit in the same place each day, with 1m physical distance between all children, young people and staff. Everyone must maintain a 2 metre physical distance outside and 1m inside.
● Physical education classes and breaktime activities cannot include sports with <2m physical distance or where the same equipment is touched by different students (balls, ropes, sticks, etc).
● Surfaces will be disinfected and cleaned daily.

Break Times
● Children can bring sporting equipment to school to play on during break times.

Drop off and Pick Up
We need to keep everyone safe (teachers and children) by limiting unnecessary contact on site, so we ask parents to follow these procedures and not enter the school: Please note that the daily registration form needs to be completed before drop off. This will be sent out via the office;

● Children can be dropped off from 8:45am and picked up at any time up to 3pm- please note that there is no supervision before or after school.
● The key is to restrict contact between people – ideally children should enter the gates and wave goodbye to parents please (kiss and drop). Please contact the office if support is needed for this.
● Once leaving their parents child(ren) can go straight to their assigned bubble classroom
● The designated entry point to the school is the top gate adjacent with Room 20.
● At Pickup time the bubble teacher will escort children to the assigned entry point for collection